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Legalify India is founded in July 2020. It is an organization that has been started with its cardinal motive to help Law students and the public ranging from diverse backgrounds to enhance their legal knowledge and help them to know their rights and duties so that they can make a decisive viewpoint towards society and the governing law. We will be dealing with legal news, updates, and comprehensive information which will flawlessly help you to keep your legal knowledge up to date. Our main focus would be towards providing an ambient and distinctive content to our readers over a wide spectrum of legal issues and laws like cyberlaw, media and entertainment law, environment law, ADR, and many additional fields. While designing this organization we kept every aspect in our mind, be it an article, blog or any news updates our utmost motive is to make this a one-stop destination for everyone who visits us.

JLSR Journal

Journal for Law Students and Researchers (JLSR), envisions to empower the individuals of tomorrow to advance and learn from the theoretical and practical aspects of the contemporary law today. Law as a field, is a predominantly present in the lives of people in society, and as such its discourse and dissemination are requisite in a proper forum today. Journal for Law Students and Researchers (JSLR), therefore, acts as a platform for the researchers and students, along with academicians to publish their research on contemporary issues of the law, so as to enable the growth and understanding of the aspects of the law to the interested individuals in society.


Speaker :

Adv. Ayushi Richa Mishra, Lawyer & TM-Attorney, .

Ayushi is a Lawyer ,Cyber-security enthu, exploring Cyber Since 2015 and continuing. She is speaker and researcher. practising in IPR, IT and IT agreements. she is keynote speaker to national insurance academy, pune rural police in electronic evidence and cyber laws and crime,and she is visiting faculty in pune.


Fighting the fear online threat’s Atmosphere.

  •   How to protect yourself from cyber crimes technically.
  •  Study on different cases related online money laundering, frauds and other crimes.
  •  Legal procedures for protecting from Cyber crime and what punishment can be given for crime.


  • E-filing and practical knowledge on cyber crime.
  • Procedure for e- filing a cyber crime and detailed knowlesge on how to file an complaint.
  • What are the evidences are to be asked from victim for filing a complaint.

Do Register and Participate in this Workshop.

Dates : 31st October, 2020 & 1st  November, 2020

Fee : 100/-

Payment Details : 

Googlepay/Paytm on 9140252620

Link to the Registration Page: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYSeGH45eNG7HM0sE0M7DnUFppvDtvvJh1p91CuldiEdLAsQ/viewform

Highlights Of The Workshop:

  • Participants shall be given an e-Certificate of participation.
  • Notes and ppt of the session will be provided.
  • Interactive, practical session.
  • Recording of the session will be provided.
  • Questions and answers round.


Mobile : +91 9352603383

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