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We are glad to introduce JUST JUSTICE – We Believe in Equity, it is an initiative taken by young law students in order to reach out the rest.  JUST JUSTICE is a legal startup dedicating itself solely on the comprehensive development of youth. By providing legal services and contesting legal competitions like Quizzes, Debates, Writing Competitions along with Webinars, Seminars, Expert Lectures and holding out law workshops to mold and encourage those who are deprived of knowledge. A step taken by Mr. Kshitij Sharma and Mr. Harshit Gupta with a mission to create a workplace, where learning is the interpretation of a well- built foundation and opportunities are well assisted with effective utilization. 

The vision of JUST JUSTICE is to provide pool of opportunities in the field of law to upcoming lawyers and hence this is a step towards achieving our goal and ensuring education to everybody who requires it.

After its successful 1st National Legal Quiz Competition, JUST JUSTICE has now come up with its 1st Virtual Lecture Series.

About the event

JUST JUSTICE is all set to lead its 1st Virtual Lecture Series on the subject ‘Forensic science and its credibility in today’s law.’

The lecture series will continue for 20 Days. The Lecture Series will be starting from 1st day of December, 2020 ending by 20th day of the month. Every Saturday a Special Guest Lecture will be kept. Sundays in the Month will be kept off.

Our concern is to create awareness and educate on the concept of forensic law and guide law students to have the best use of scientific advancements in the domain of legal evidence to help the court to reach to truth while administering justice. In order to address the core issues Just justice has come up with an effective demonstration of strategic values of science in law. This is a new venture of ideas by JUST JUSTICE.

Forensic science refers to the application of scientific methods, procedures, and techniques It has diverse sub-fields such as physics, chemistry, geology, biology, medicine, psychology and so on. However, a broad position has also been adopted by few who argue, “Regardless of the area of sub specialization, forensic science involves the application of scientific principles and methods to the evaluation of evidence”. However, since it involves the scientific analysis of evidence, forensic science plays a vital role in the justice system of various nations of the world.

The law recognizes the importance of forensic evidence in prosecuting criminal cases. When scientific methods are rigorously used, without bias or prejudice, they can provide cogent evidence in uncovering and proving crime. In Criminal justice and criminology programs governance has responded by creating offerings ranging from a single course to a multitude of forensic science courses covering such sciences. The main goal of these courses is to broaden the knowledge of students rather to make them experts. Students need to be aware of forensic science. 

About Speakers

Dr. Surya Shekhar Daga, Visiting Faculty at JECRC University & Former Addl. Director at SFSL, Rajasthan.

Sir has an experience of 35 yrs. as Forensic Expert where he served the nation by being Add. Director SFSL, Rajasthan, Add. Director Serology, RFSL Udaipur for 15 yrs. & In-Charge of DDO, PIO, DNA Division at FSL, Jaipur and he also worked as Lecturer in Zoology at Govt. college for not less than 3yrs.

Apart from his job life Sir has authored 32 Research Paper in field of Radiation Biology, Toxicology & Forensic Science Subjects with an excellent knowledge of theories & concepts of zoology and forensic science with a Diploma in Forensic Serology from NICFS, New Delhi. Sir also have an outstanding record in assuring student success. Apart from all these Sir is very good orator, He has delivered several talks/lectures to Police officers, Judicial officers on various topics like- Latest Forensic Techniques, Crime Scene Management, Serology and other forensic aspect.

Special Guest Speaker

Dr. Paramjeet Singh

Deputy Director, RFSL, Udaipur


  • Law Student pursuing 3 year or 5-year course from any recognized university/Colleges, Research Scholar. 
  • Science Student pursuing Under-graduation or Post-graduate degree from any recognized university/college, Research Scholar. 

General Guidelines

  • Sessions will be 6 Days in a Week (including a Special Expert Lecture on every Saturday).
  • Certificate will be provided to the participant having 90% attendance in the 1st Virtual Lecture Series. 
  • Failing to join the session will be counted as absent.
  • Proper record will be kept of attendees (attendance will be taken from the participant list).
  • The session will be of 1 hr. (inclusive of Q & A timing), and may extend as per need of the moment.

Registration Process

  • Participants are required to register and pay the Registration amount through Google Pay or Paytm only.
  • Participants are also required to send screenshot of payment on +91 9772346640

Registration Fees: Rs. 149/-

Payment Mode: Google Pay: 9772346640 or via Paytm: 9772346640

Registration Link:




Limited Seats, Register Fast!!!!

Reward: E-Certificate will be provided to all the Registered participants.

Deadline: Last date for Registration: 30th November, 2020 (11:30 pm)

For any Queries Contact:

Email Id- executivehead.jj20@gmail.com

Contact No.

  • Ms. Piyanshi Khunteta (Executive Head, JUST JUSTICE) – +91 9772346640
  • Ms. Aditi Gupta (Marketing Board Head, JUST JUSTICE) – +91 8290807182

(10:00 am – 7:00 pm)

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