The following rules shall be called the 1ST VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL MOOT  COURT COMPETITION RULES, 2020. 


  • Organizer means the Unity P.G. and Law College, Lucknow. 
  • Competition means the 1ST Virtual International Moot Court Competition, 2020. 
  • Participating Team/ Institution means the team that has registered itself for the competition  as per the rules. 
  • The rules mentioned herein are not exhaustive. The rules shall be strictly adhered to; any  deviation from the same shall result in immediate disqualification, unless exempted by the  organizer. All decisions made by the organizer in case of any dispute, doubt or other  problems of such nature, shall be final and binding on the participating teams. The organizer  further reserves the right to alter, amend or add rules herein at any point of time. Imposition  of penalties is exclusively the right of the organizer, in case the rules are not adhered to by  the participating teams. 

1.1. Date 

The competition shall be held on October 20th and 21st 2020 via zoom meetings. 1.2. Dress Code 

Participants are required to adhere to the following dress code while presenting any court  room during the competition. 

Female: White Salwar-Kurta or White shirt and black pant/black skirt, black coat and black shoes. 

Male: White shirt, black trousers, black tie along with black coat and black shoes. 1.3. Language 

The official language of the Competition shall be English only. 


2.1. Eligibility 

Each Institution offering an undergraduate LL.B. Degree Course is eligible to participate in  the competition. A team shall comprise of members from one institution. Similarly, not more  than one team can participate from any institution. The Competition is open for students in  LL.B. undergraduate degree courses. 

2.2. Team Composition 

  1. Each team shall consist of two members. The substitution of any Team Member is not  allowed after the registration deadline except in extenuating circumstances and only with  written permission of the organizers. 
  2. Every team shall consist of two speakers only. 

3.1. Online Registration Format and Deadline 

Teams must register by 23:59 hrs on 15th October,2020 (Sunday) by sending an email to  unitymootcourtcommittee@gmail.com with the Subject: “Registration for 1st Virtual  International Moot Court Competition”. 

3.2. Registration Fee 

(a) Teams are required to pay a payment of Rs. 1000/- (£10.19) towards registration fee via  Online Transfer  

Details of the Bank Account to be transferred to: 

A/c Holder: Unity Degree College 

Bank Name: Bank of India 

Branch Name: Dubagga 

Saving Bank Account, No: 683710110003179 

IFSC Code: BKID0006837 


PayPal: nandtlegaltech@gmail.com 


Beneficiary name: Nabiha Khwaja 

Account No. : 126201502518 

IFSC Code: ICIC0001262 

GooglePay: +91 7985144630

Note: Amount once deposited shall not be refundable. 

(b) Details of the online transfer must be sent through the mail of registration (in Rule 3.1)  sent to unitymootcourtcommittee@gmail.com by the invited teams by 23;59 hrs on the 15th October 2020. 

Note-: The online transfer details should contain the name of the participants. 

(c) Once the form is submitted, an acknowledgement mail will be sent within 24-48 hours to  the teams which shall also notify the team of its Team Code. The teams shall quote this Team  Code in all further communications. 


4.1. Memorial Submission 

(a) All requirements have to be strictly followed. Non-adherence to the same shall result in  disqualification of the teams subject to the discretion of the organizer.

(b) Each Team  registered in the Competition must prepare one (1) Memorial on behalf of Petitioner and one  (1) on behalf of the Respondent. 

(c) Each Team must send a soft copy of their memorials by 23:59 on 17th October,2020 to  unitymootcourtcommittee@gmail.com with the subject “Memorials for 1st virtual  international moot court competition”. Memorials submitted beyond the stated deadline shall  not be evaluated. No extensions will be granted with respect to this deadline. 

(d) Memorials submitted within the deadline will be evaluated according to the criteria  provided in Rule 4.4 

4.2. Memorial Format 

(a) All soft copies of the Memorial submitted must be in Microsoft Word Document  2007/2010 format (.doc/.docx). 

(b) All pages of the Memorial must be of A4 size with an equal margin on each side. 

(c) The font style and size of the text of all parts of the Memorial, excluding the Cover Page  and page numbers, must be in Times New Roman 12-point. The Footnotes shall be in Times  New Roman 10-point. 

(d) The spacing of the text of all parts of the Memorial must be 1.5. The footnotes must be  separated with single line spacing. 

 4.3. Memorial Content 

(a) The Memorials should contain the following sections: 

  • Cover Page (to be Blue/Red depending on whether Petitioner/Respondent side); • Table of Content
  • Index of Authorities; 
  • Statement of Jurisdiction; 
  • Statement of Facts; 
  • Statement of Issues; 
  • Summary of Arguments; 
  • Arguments; and 
  • Prayer 

(b) The memorial as a whole should not exceed 35 pages including the cover page. 

(c) The citation should be in compliance with the 20th edition of the Bluebook. Speaking  footnotes or Endnotes are not allowed. 

4.4. Memorial Evaluation 

(a) The maximum score for each memorial shall be 100 points. The memorials shall be  evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Knowledge of Law and Facts: 25 Points 
  • Proper and Articulate Analysis: 25 Points 
  • Extent and Use of Research: 20 Points 
  • Clarity and Organization: 20 Points 
  • Grammar and Style: 10 Points  

5.1 General Procedures 

(a) Each Oral Round of the Competition shall consist of sixty minutes of oral pleadings.  Petitioner and Respondent shall be allotted thirty minutes each. 

(b) Two members, and not more than two members, from each Team shall make oral  presentations during the round. 

(c) Each team to allocate its 30 minutes amongst (a) its first Speaker, (b) its second Speaker  and (c) rebuttal (for Petitioner). No single speaker shall plead for more than fifteen minutes,  including rebuttal. 

(d) Extension of Time at Judges’ discretion- Judges may, however, at their discretion, extend  total team’s oral argument time beyond the thirty minutes allocated time, up to an additional  five minutes per Team. Speakers asked to further expand upon arguments may, in this instance,  appear for more than the twenty-five minutes individual limit.

(e) Each Team may reserve up  to five minutes for rebuttal. 

(f) Ex Parte Procedure- In extreme circumstances, such as when a team fails to appear for a  scheduled Oral Round, the MCC, after waiting for fifteen minutes, may allow the Oral Round  to proceed ex parte. In an ex parte proceeding, the attending team presents its oral pleadings,  which is scored by the judges to the extent possible as if the absent Team had been present and  arguing. In such a case, the team that fails to appear for the scheduled Round forfeits all six  points of the Oral Round. 

(g) Competition Communications- Oral communications during the Oral Round shall be  strictly limited to the following. (Any Team, which engages in communications not listed in  this Rule, shall be penalized.) 

  • Oral Courtroom Communication between Counsel and Judges -Each Speaker designated to  present oral pleadings may communicate with the judges, and the judges may communicate  with that Speaker, during the Speaker’s allotted time. In addition, in extraordinary  circumstances, the judges may communicate directly with either Team’s counsel table (for  example, to clarify the spelling of a Speaker’s name or to request that a Team remain quiet  during its opponent’s oral presentation). 
  • Oral Courtroom Communication and Activity at Counsel Table- Every courtesy shall be given  to Speakers during oral argument. Communication at the counsel table shall be in writing to  prevent disruption, and teams shall avoid all unnecessary noise, outbursts, or other  inappropriate behaviour, which distracts from the argument in progress. Any Penalties imposed  under this Rule shall be deducted from the oral scores of both speakers of the offending Team. 
  • Written Courtroom Communication- Written communication during the Oral Round shall be  limited to (a) written communication amongst a Team’s members seated at the counsel table,  and (b) a Team member at counsel table handing a document to a Speaker when that Speaker  has been questioned about such document during the course of his or her argument. 

 (h) The oral rounds shall be judged on the following criteria: 

  • Knowledge of Law: 20 Points 
  • Application of Law to Facts: 20 Points 
  • Ingenuity and Ability to Answer to Questions: 20 Points
  • Style, Poise, Courtesy and Demeanour: 20 Points 
  • Time Management: 10 Points 
  • Organization: 10 Points 

5.2. The team will be paired up by the committee. 

5.3. Preliminary Rounds 

(a) The Preliminary Rounds are scheduled to take place on 20th October, 2020. (b) There shall be subjected to two preliminary rounds. 

(c) The teams shall be arguing on each side during the Preliminary Rounds. (d) No two teams shall face each other more than once in the preliminary round. 

(e) The top 8 teams based on their Win/Loss ratio and Total Preliminary Score in the  Preliminary Rounds, shall qualify for the Quarter Final Rounds. Win/Loss Ratio shall be the  ratio of number of Wins Versus the number of Losses in the Preliminary Rounds. Total  Preliminary Score is the total score obtained by both the speakers in both the Preliminary  Rounds. Total Preliminary score does not include the memorial scores. Following shall be the  system for determining the teams that advance to the Quarter Final Rounds, 

  • If there are more than 8 teams that have a Win/Loss ratio 2:0, then out of such teams,  the top 8 teams based on their Total Preliminary Score, shall qualify for the Quarter Finals.  
  • If there are less than 8 teams that have a Win/Loss Ratio of 2:0, then firstly, all such teams  that have a Win/Loss ratio of 2:0 shall advance for the Quarter Finals Rounds. Secondly, out  of the Teams that have a Win/Loss Ratio of 1:0, the remaining spots in the Quarter Finals  Rounds shall be filled, based on the Total Preliminary Score of such teams. 
  • If there continues to be a tie, then the Team with the higher, Memorial scores shall qualify  for the Quarter Final Round. 

5.4. Quarter Finals 

(a) The quarter-final rounds are scheduled to take place on 20th October, 2020. (b) The top-eight teams shall compete according to pair made by the committee. 

(c) The quarter-final rounds shall be in the nature of knock-outs, i.e., the team with the lesser  score shall be evicted. 

(d) The four teams that emerge victorious shall succeed to the semi-final rounds.

5.5. Semi Finals 

(a) The semi-final rounds are scheduled to take place on 21st October, 2020. (b) The semi-finalist teams shall compete according to pair made by the committee. 

(c) The semi-final rounds shall be in the nature of knock-outs, i.e., the team with the lesser  score shall be evicted. 

(d) The two teams that emerge victorious shall succeed to the Final rounds. 

5.6. Final Rounds 

(a) The final rounds are scheduled to take place on 21st October, 2020. 

(b) The teams shall argue on the side decided by the committee. 

(c) The team obtaining a higher score shall be declared as the Winner of the Competition. 

  1. AWARDS 
  • Winning Team Award: The winning team will receive prize worth Rs. 5,000/- (£50.97) 
  • Runner Up Team Award: The runners up team will receive prize worth Rs. 3,000/- (£30.58) 
  • Best Mooter shall receive prize worth Rs.1,500/-. (£15.29) 
  • The team with the Best Memorials will receive prize worth Rs. 1,500/- (£15.29) • Certificates for participation will be given to all the participants. 

(a) The results of the Preliminary rounds shall be announced shortly after the completion of  both the rounds. 

(b) The results of the Quarter-final and Semi-final Round(s) shall be announced shortly after  the completion of each of the rounds. 

(c) The winners of the competition will be announced during the Awards ceremony on 21st October, 2020.


The student counsels shall not state their names during the oral rounds, and shall use the  Team Code. All team members must refrain from disclosing the identity of their institution at  any time and in any manner, during the course of their participation in the competition. 


The decision of the judges with regard to the outcome of the rounds shall be final. 10. COPYRIGHT 

(a) The copyright with regard to the memorials submitted for the participation in the  competition is assigned by participants and shall vest completely and fully on the organizer.  The participants shall certify the originality of the memorials and shall be responsible for any  claim or dispute arising out of further use and exhibition. 

(b) The organizer shall have the right to publicly display, distribute in any manner  whatsoever and they shall not be responsible for any liability thereof. 


The Moot Court Competition is based on a purely fictitious compromise, whereby the  characters & the incidents or the course of events in the compromise are completely  imaginary and the same has no relation to any person living or dead or any past/present real life incident. The Moot Court Competition is made solely for the purpose of training law  students of India in developing an analytical bent of mind and serving the Bar and the Bench  to the best of their abilities. 


Regarding Moot Procedure and Proposition: 

  • HOD and Faculty Convenor, Moot Court Committee  

Mrs. Manjari Chandra (Mob No. +917755073482) 

  • Covener & Co-founder & CEO, N & T’s Legal Tech: 

 Nabiha Khwaja (+91 7985144630) 

  • Student Convenor, Moot Court Committee  

 Tanya Raman (Mob No. +919140160390, 8004815041(WA)) 

  • Student Co-convenors, Moot Court Committee  

 Mohd Saqib (Mob No. +918188885551) 

 Taiyabba Nasir (Mob No. +916393220677) 


All clarifications regarding the Moot Proposition should be sent to  

unitymootcourtcommittee@gmail.com by 14th October 2020.

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