About Management Studies Committee, School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be University)
The Management Studies Committee, School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is envisioned with training and creating young leaders well equipped to lead the legal and professional world. The Committee is inclined towards establishing a platform for law students, irrespective of their stream, to gain experience and exposure in the field of Management Studies, which is quintessential for any law graduate to possess. The Committee aims to promote and nurture a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership skills among the students by conducting various management-centric activities. It seeks to aid students in establishing effective networks, honing soft skills, developing managerial skills, and encouraging them to take the initiative, enabling them to think beyond the boundaries of our regular curriculum. The Committee intends to facilitate students to holistically, academically, and practically inculcate the skill sets that a law graduate must possess. It seeks to achieve this aim by conducting a plethora of training programs and workshops that would be open to all students within the deanery as well as to other departments.

About 1st National Legal Case Study Competition
The National Legal Case Study Competition is an event that aims to inspire innovative problem-solving mechanisms in the context of board of directors or top management issues. Participants are required to analyze real-world problems related to board of directors or top management in a case study format. The panel of judges evaluates the solutions based on several factors, such as legal understanding, strategic thinking, and communication skills. This competition provides a platform to showcase your problem-solving skills and oratory expertise. The two phases of the competition focus on critical thinking, oratory skills, and crisis management, which are essential skills for any aspiring leader. So, if you want to test your abilities and gain valuable experience, the National Legal Case Study Competition is the right platform for you.

The Justice League, a team of super-powered individuals led by Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Superman (Clark Kent), is facing a governance crisis. The team operates under the auspices of Wayne Enterprises, which provides funding and resources. However, recent events have led to disagreements within the team about their mission and methods. Superman, known for his high moral standards and belief in the rule of law, advocates for transparency and cooperation with government authorities. He believes the Justice League should be accountable to the public and operate within the bounds of international law. Batman, on the other hand, values privacy and autonomy. He believes that the Justice League must operate in the shadows to effectively combat threats without political interference. He is concerned that too much transparency could expose the team’s secrets and put their operations at risk. Meanwhile, other members of the Justice League have their own opinions. Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) emphasizes the importance of diplomacy and peace, while Aquaman (Arthur Curry) prioritizes the protection of the world’s oceans. The Flash (Barry Allen) and Cyborg (Victor Stone) are caught in the middle, trying to balance their loyalty to the team with their own personal beliefs. The board of directors of Wayne Enterprises, who are aware of the team’s internal conflicts, are divided on how to handle the situation. Some board members support Batman’s approach, fearing that too much transparency could harm the company’s interests. Others side with Superman, arguing that the company has a social responsibility to ensure that the Justice League operates ethically. Lex Luthor, a member of the board, has been accused of using sensitive financial information for his own personal benefit, a potential case of insider trading. This has further increased tensions within the board and could lead to legal repercussions for the company. The challenge for the participants would be: to analyze this situation from a legal and strategic perspective, consider the interests of different stakeholders (including the public, the superheroes, the shareholders, and the employees), and propose a solution that balances the need for effective superhero operations with ethical responsibility and public accountability.

The competition is open to all undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars of any University or College in India. The competition will be conducted in two phases: the Screening Round (Online) and the Final Round, which will be conducted offline at the Main-Auditorium of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore.

Registration form link:
Document Submission Link:

You can pay the fee for the 1st National Legal Case Study Competition using Debit card, Credit card, Internet banking or UPI.

To make the payment, please visit our website https://southindianbank.in/ChristFee/ and follow these steps:
Click on “Fest” under “FEE NAME“
Click on “1st National Legal Case Study Competition” under “CATEGORY“  

Each Team will consist of a maximum of three members.
Each team is required to pay a registration fee of Rs. 1200 for the event.


E-Certificate to every team who sends a submission for the competition. Certificate of Merit to the top 5 teams who qualify to the final rounds.

Rewards for the 1st and 2nd Positions –
1st Place/Winners: Rs 21000 + Certificate of Merit + Momento.
2nd Place/Runners up: Rs 10000 + Certificate of Merit + Momento.

25th December, 2023 Call for applications
10th February, 2024 Last date for Registration
15th February, 2024 Submission of Write-ups (Screening Round)
20th February, 2024 Communication of the top 5 teams
7th March, 2024 Final Round (Physical)

Yash Jain +91 6264941548 yashjain@law.chrsituniversity.in
Nia Mariya Sabu +91 9446004888 nia.sabu@law.christuniversity.in

Official Link:
Brochure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1back8fTWk47afdZghL5eYbv2apXf3w-Y/view?usp=drive_link


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