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Event Date & Time: 26th & 27th November 2021 (7.00 PM, IST)

About World Cyber Security Forum

World Cyber ​​Security Forum (WCSF) is an internationally renowned cyber consultancy and web community founded in 2019 that aims in improving cybersecurity awareness and acts as a source of techno-legal information for professionals, students, and teenagers around the world. It offers a blend of original content from IT professionals, peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT leaders, and an extensive library of professional resources from leading IT industry vendors.

In 2019, WCSF launched Cyber Crime Awareness Program, which is a global initiative to support emerging trends in cyberlaw, cybercrime, and cybersecurity. Increasing the level of cyber awareness through education and training can be an effective way to encourage the adoption of security tools, which leads to a safer use of technology.

Let’s pledge to make our digital world safer & secure.

About the Event

Under our Cyber Crime Awareness Program, we have pledged to make the lives of the people safer & secure by encouraging them to participate with us on various occasions as our main aim is to create awareness in terms of cyber and its related subject matter. Under this, we have decided to provide the training on the legal aspect of cyberspace in India. In this session, our subject matter experts will be sharing their in-depth knowledge with the attendees in regard to cyber-related statute in India. We have tried to keep the session very opaque & swift. This is the ideal platform for netizens who struggle every day in order to keep their private information and data safe & confidential. These two days online sessions also play a vital role for those youngsters who are fascinated by the cyber world & want to opt for it as their career option. We will be covering the basis of “The Information Technology Act, 2000”

This will be more based on one to one interaction. The attendees are free to raise their questions or doubts directly with our experts during the session.

About Speakers

Some of the Topics to be covered under IT Act,2000

Benefits of 2-days Online Session

The key benefit of attending the session is to learn and interact with the subject matter experts who will be sharing their in-depth knowledge in regard to various cyber-related issues. Further benefits are:

  1. All attendees will get a certificate of completion. for the 2-days Online Sessions.
  2. All attendees will get a chance to enhance their knowledge in regard to legal aspects of cybercrimes.
  3. This online session is a time saver for students who cannot afford to join a full-time cyber-related course.
  4. A discount coupon of 10% will be shared with all the active participants that can be used to purchase the course of “The Information Technology Act, 2000” from WCSF.* (T&C apply)

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