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About the Organisation

Students for the Promotion of International Law (SPIL), Mumbai, as the name suggests, is a student body which cynosures International Law. With an increasing need for awareness in the field of International Law, we maintain that such awareness is put into an impetus through the diverse events we conduct within the versatile subject of International Law.  At SPIL, we take a novel approach for Students and Academia alike, to let them be a part of the discourse, to explore the magnificently huge sphere of International Law, while always keeping in mind the grey and equivocal areas of the subject and attempting to abridge the same.

About the International Law Summit

Theme for the 11th Government Law College International Law Summit of the Summit is ‘International Maritime Law’ and the inauguration speech for the Summit will be delivered by Justice G.S. Patel of the Bombay High Court. The Summit will stimulate the minds of attendees through thought provoking interactions with experts and doyens of the legal fraternity. As we explore the seemingly endless territory of international law, we hope to cater to pertinent issues of the day. The Summit, aside from the Keynote Address, Panel Discussion and Call for Papers, comprises of the Judgment Deliberation Competition which was conceived within the portals of our institution.

About the Topic of Panel Discussion

An Indo-Pacific Legal Maritime Framework: A Promising Future or Risking the Balance?

The need for an Indo-Pacific Rules-Based Order has been deliberated extensively across platforms in order to achieve and conclusively maintain peace and security in the region. 

However, developing and enforcing a cohesive international rulebook for the Indo-Pacific will be far from simple. For the United States and its allies, the urgent need to cement a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific is driven, at least in part, by anxiety surrounding the rise of China—yet this ongoing movement in the balance of power is also a major reason for why a stable rules-based system will be difficult to maintain. Then there is the question of legitimacy. It is possible for a rules-based system to be truly fair and inclusive, or does international order inevitably reflect the interests of some more than others? Finally, it is not assured that America’s presence in the Indo-Pacific will continue to be welcomed by regional governments.

As the topic suggests, this Panel Discussion will showcase viewpoints from various experts in the field. The goal is to facilitate a dialogue between academics and policy practitioners that will be of great interest—and, we hope, considerable use—to an international cast of scholars and decision makers whose work focuses on the Indo-Pacific. 
Tasked with shedding light on the concept of a Rules-Based order in the Indo-Pacific, they will provide a range of perspectives to clarify just how fraught and contentious such an order-building (and order-defending) project will be.

Panelists: One of our esteemed Panelists for the Panel Discussion is Captain Sarabjeet S. Parmar who is an alumnus of National Defence Academy (NDA) Kharakwasla and Defence Services Staff College (DSSC), Wellington. He has written extensively on maritime security issues and is currently the Executive Director of National Maritime Foundation.

Our second expert Panelist is Mr. Kashish Parpiani who is Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, Mumbai Centre (ORF). He has pursued BMM Journalism, MSc International Relations and MA United States’ Foreign Policy. Apart from publishing at the Institute for National Security Studies (Israel), the Centre for Asia and Globalization (Singapore), he has been quoted in media platforms such as The Wall Street Journal, South China morning post, Bloomberg, TIME magazine and Al Jazeera. 

We will be announcing the other panelists over the course of coming weeks. To know more about them, follow SPIL Mumbai on Instagram at @spilmumbai.

Date and Time: 1st May, 2021 at 6:00 PM IST


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