Law Firm Certified Online Courses: Registrations on Rolling Basis: Self-Placed

An online certificate course is a great way for students to enhance their education. Our certificate courses provide an edge to those who are seeking competitive positions and provides an excellent foundation for their professional studies. Every professional gets an advantage of being specialized in a particular branch of law.ย In order to help law students and professionals, we have designed such certificate courses for the purpose of developing a strong grip on the subject. We are bringing to you our certificate courses with the finest course materials designed by Rozedar Law Associates, a law firm which works and aims to establish a professional and ethical environment in the legal advocacy by providing law students opportunities for their brighter future.

Available Courses:

1.Indian Penal Code, 1860

2.Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

3.Indian Evidence Act, 1872

4.Comprehensive Course on Criminal Law

5.The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012

6.Law of Contracts (Including Sale of Goods and Partnership Act)

7.Intellectual Property Laws

8.ADR Systems

Administration of the Course

  • No Deadline for Registration
  • Confirmation mail will be sent within 24hrs
  • All Courses are Self-Paced
  • Receive Hand Book published by Thomson Reuters
  • Exam shall be taken Online (MCQ & Descriptive)
  • After Submission of the test, you will receive your Certificate/ Letter of recommendation via Email
  • Students scoring A+ grade will secure Online Internship at Rozedar Law Associates

Prices & Application Process:

Visit our website to check price and register yourself:


Phone/WhatsApp +91- 8790104738


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