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Greetings from the Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance, National Law University, Jodhpur.

We are elated to inform you that the Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance (“CSBF”), National Law University, Jodhpur is inviting submissions for the “THIRD NLUJ CSBF ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION, 2022” in association with JSA as our intellectual partner and Eastern Book Company (EBC) and SCC Online as our knowledge and research partners.

The Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance (“CSBF”), National Law University, Jodhpur was established by the Reserve Bank of India in 2002 to provide a venue for scholars and practitioners to exchange views on banking and financial systems through its various undertakings and activities. The Centre seeks to promote vibrancy and increase intellectual participation in the banking sector, capital markets, and other sectors related to financial services.


All students pursuing under-graduate (three/five year courses) or postgraduate law degrees from any law school/university/college recognized by the Bar Council of India are eligible to participate in the Competition. 




  1. The first page of the submission should only contain the title of the paper, followed by the 200-word abstract.
  2. The second page must contain a table of contents, and the main body of the manuscript should begin immediately thereafter.
  3. The word limit for the essay is 3500 words. The word limit is exclusive of the footnotes.
  4. Disclosure of information regarding identity of the author(s), including, but not limited to name, institutional assistance, professional details, etc., within the body of the manuscript or other properties of the document submitted is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the anonymity requirement will lead to disqualification of the manuscript for the purposes of the competition.
  5. All the submissions must be an original and unpublished work of the author(s). All the submissions will be checked for plagiarism and those with plagiarism percentage over the permissible limit (i.e., 20%) will be summarily rejected.
  6. Formatting Guidelines: Garamond; Size 12; Justified; 1.5 Spacing. Footnoting Guidelines: Garamond; Size 10; Justified; 1 spacing.
  7. The participants are required to submit their manuscript by filling a Google form. The link to our form is also available on our official website:


  1. All authorities must be cited in the form of footnotes.
  1. Citations must follow a uniform format of citation throughout the submission.
  1. The participants are required to provide the title of the name of the author, article/report/blog, date of publication, and active web-link for the authorities cited wherever possible.
  1. In case of large documents such as reports, long articles, cases, etc. the authors must include the relevant paragraph/page of the authority being cited.
  1. Speaking/explanatory citations are discouraged.


All the submissions will go through a blind review process, wherein at-least two reviewers from the organizing team will assess the submission based on the following criteria: 

  1. Depth of research;
  1. Structure of the submission;
  1. Novelty, innovation, and application of mind in the analysis by the author(s); and
  2. Original suggestions provided by the author(s), if any.
  1. As a general guideline, research regarding a restricted aspect, with detailed in-sights within the prescribed themes would be appreciated.


  1. A co-authorship of not more than two authors is permitted.
  1. By submitting the article, the author(s) forfeit their copyright over their manuscript in favour of the organizers.
  2. In case of any dispute, the decision of the organizers will be final and binding. The Centre retains absolute discretion in marking the manuscript.


Call for registration and announcement of the competition: February 05, 2022.

Deadline for submitting entries: March 05, 2022. 

Announcement of result for the Competition: First week of May, 2022.


Mr. Ayush Gattani 


(Co-Convenor, Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance) 

Mr. Vedaant Agarwal 


(Co-Convenor, Centre for Studies in Banking and Finance) 

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