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The Society for Constitutional Law Discussion is inviting submissions from Students of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs, professionals, and academicians for its blog on constitutional law under various themes of contemporary relevance.

About the Society for Constitutional Law Discussion 

The Society for Constitutional Law Discussion (TSCLD) was established by the students of Chanakya National Law University, Patna, with a vision to provide a platform for public discourse and deliberation vis-à-vis Constitutional Law. The Society, through its E-Magazine and Blogs, intends to serve as a platform for students, academicians, and practitioners to engage in Constitutional law discussion and writing. The Constitution gives us the first and last hope for rights, liabilities, and justice. TSCLD provides a platform where you can write and express your opinion on different issues related to Constitutional Law fearlessly.

About the Blog

TSCLD is inviting submissions under Call for Blogs on contemporary developments in Constitutional Law.


Students of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs, professionals and academicians are eligible to make their submissions.

Submission Guidelines

Authors wishing to contribute their work to TSCLD should ensure that their submission conforms and confines to the following guidelines:

Themes and Sub-Themes

  1. Internet, social media and free speech
  2. AI and the realisation of DPSP and constitutional values 
  3. AI and judiciary: Implications on Inclusiveness 
  4. Targeted social media posts and elections.
  5. Right to privacy in the digital age.
    1. Rights of elders 
    2. Same sex marriage
    3. Religious freedom and majoritarian ideas.
    4. Gender equality: Progress and Challenges
    1. Manipur incident and the challenges before the judiciary.
    2. Demarcation of separation of power between judiciary and legislature.
    3. Media trials

Note: The given themes are not exhaustive in nature. Research articles on any constitutional issue would be considered for publication.

Formatting Guidelines

Kindly adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. If the submission does not follow the format, it shall be rejected.

Submission Procedure

Contact Information

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact us at

Official Link

Please visit this link to see the official notification.

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