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About MyLawman

MyLawman is one of the fastest growing Legal Community website for Legal Resource sharing and an e-learning platform for law students, legal professionals and legal academia. As a one stop solution, MyLawman caters to differential needs of Law students and professionals across different divisions viz. legal blogs, opportunities, journal, judiciary preparation and e-learning content including online courses. MyLawman is a growing family of around 250 law students as volunteers/ interns and campus ambassadors along with hundreds of law faculties on board. MyLawman partners with Law Schools, Law Firms, Domain Experts (resource persons) and NGOs working in the field of Law to build and disseminate legal knowledge to learners/legal fraternity.

We at MyLawman also provide law students and persons unrestricted access to legal resources and articles of Law.

About the Opportunity

MyLawman is looking to expand their team of expert peer reviewers. The core team is making active steps to expand and diversify the reviewer pool to ensure that only the highest quality of research reaches publication, and to uphold the integrity of research being published.

For the same, MyLawman invites reviewers who are subject experts and are willing to contribute to enhanced quality through their valuable review skills.

Please Note that this post is totally honorary in nature 

What is Peer Review?

Peer review is the foundation of academic publishing. When you are asked to review a paper that has been submitted for publication, your expertise is being acknowledged and your opinion is being valued. As a service to their authors, MyLawman tries to provide constructive feedback to help them improve their manuscripts before publication. They rely on their reviewers to share their experience and expertise so they can publish only the highest quality research. 

Who can Apply?

Responsibilities of the Reviewers

The reviewers need to ensure the following:

Benefits of reviewing for MyLawman

Becoming involved in the peer review process for a journal can be a highly rewarding experience in and of itself. That said, there are several benefits specific to reviewing for MyLawman: 

MyLawman Review Process

The MyLawman Team works tirelessly to maintain the standards of our website. Each draft is screened thoroughly in three phases to ensure that

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