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About the competition
As we all know mental health is a pretty stigmatized subject when it comes to society. However one cannot deny the significance that it holds in a person’s life. Today, much of the work can be done virtually due to technological advances made by this world. However, if we are mentally unfit then we cannot even accomplish that. Hence, in a way mental health has established itself as a more concerning subject matter than physical health. With the advent of Covid-19, everything around us came to a halt. Students started online classes, people started getting isolated in general and their only chances of going out and relaxing were squashed because of the implementation of lockdowns. Hence this phase of 2 years has not shown mercy to anyone. As such it is of utmost importance that people are made aware of mental health and its significance. Hence with this objective in mind we at The Health and Wellness Committee are pleased to announce our very first article writing competition with the subject matter as ” Significance of Mental Health” in collaboration with TalkToAngel, a startup providing online counselling services for mental health.
About the Committee
The University, to cater to the psychological needs of the students and to help them throughout their academic journey in the University, established a committee known as The Health and Wellness Committee. Considering the major objective of the Committee, it has collaborated with an expert that works on an efficient online model where the students get the benefit to connect anytime from anywhere. The Committee believes that Mental Health is a substantial aspect of everyone’s life that is still not very much discussed and debated.
About TalkToAngel
Founded by Mr. Arpit Suri under the mentorship and guidance of Dr. (Prof.) R.K. Suri in 2018 is headquartered in New Delhi, TalkToAngel is a registered startup providing online counseling services for mental health. With a team of 200+ certified & qualified therapists on board, TalkToAngel provides e-counseling services in 18+ Indian languages for over 30 areas of expertise in chat/video/voice call mode to users in India and across the globe.
Any student pursuing U.G/P.G Course.

The broad theme for the said topic will be Mental Health. The sub-themes have been mentioned below. The participants can choose any other sub-theme of their choice.

1. Critical analysis of The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017
2. Position of Mental Health and Human Rights in Indian Constitution
3. Mental health in India: The need for judicial reform
4. Mental health and insurance sector in India
5. Mental health and Substance abuse
6. Mental health disorders and Covid-19
7. Religion and Mental health
8. Gender and Mental health
9. Increasing suicide rates in India: a critical analysis from a mental and legal perspective
10. Mental health Awareness: The Indian scenario
11. LGBTQ community and Mental Health issues

Registration Fee
1) Single Author- ₹50
2) Co-Author- ₹70
Payment Details
Name of the Account Holder Registrar, National Law University, Odisha
Name of the Bank State Bank of India
Address of the Bank National Law University, Cuttack. Sector-13 CDA, Cuttack-753015
Account No 33807919875
Type of Account Saving
1. Cash Prizes for top 2 winners.
2. Compilation of the top 20 articles will be published on the website of the University.
3. Certificate of Excellence for top 10 participants.
4. Participation Certificates for the entire participants.
5. Access to TalkToAngel free unlimited E- sessions to the competition’s winner for a period of 1 year. (Commencing from the Date of Result Declaration).
6. Opportunity of one-month online internship to the winner at TalkToAngel. (Area of internship to be decided based upon by student’s academic qualification and area of interest).
7. Access to unlimited E-session at 20% discount to all the registered participants of the competition for the period of 1 year.
Important Date
1. Last Date of Registration- 22nd of March, 2022
2. Date of Submission- 1st of April, 2022
3. Date of result declaration (Tentative)- 22nd of April 


General Guidelines
The guidelines are as follows:
1. The title of the article ought to be appropriate.
2. The maximum word limit is 1500 words excluding footnotes.
3. Plagiarism shall not exceed 10%.
4. Co-authorship of more than 2 authors is not allowed.
5. Names of both the author and the co-author (if any) along with their respective designation(s) and contact number(s) must be submitted in a separate MS Word document.
6. Any kind of names or signs that might reveal the identity of the author by any means on the document shall attract disciplinary measures.
7. Participants must follow the Oscola 4th Edition method of citation.
8. The body of the paper shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, justified alignment, 1.5 line spacing.
9. Footnotes should be in Times New Roman, size 10, single line spacing
10. The paper shall be in MS Word Format.
11. Once the article has been submitted to the Committee, the ownership of the article shall be transferred to the organizers.
12. Articles that are already published or are in consideration with other organizations shall be out rightly rejected.
13. All the articles shall be submitted to the e-mail:

14. Any similarity of texts without due acknowledgments or any other kind of malpractices by any means shall attract strict disciplinary actions.

All the articles must strictly adhere to the guidelines. Any article not following the same shall be rightly rejected.


Essays will be evaluated by a panel of distinguished evaluators, with criteria about Clarity and content; Originality and relevance; Structure and flow; Presentation, and effectiveness in communicating the message.

PFA, the brochure and other important details. For any queries, suggestions or feedback the committee can be reached out at 
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