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Big crises lead to Big changes”, similarly, the COVID – 19 pandemic has forced each and every one of us to change our routine, lifestyle and our day to day habits. Not only, but also has this but the pandemic has already started affecting the economy throughout the world. The researcher in this article has focused on how the Post – pandemic scenario would be by primarily focusing on the impact on Crime and Unemployment in India.


After the imposition of the nationwide lockdown, India had witnessed thousands of frightened labourers on roads who wanted to go home fearing no future livelihood. First of all, it would be difficult to bring these migrant workers back from the rural areas to the big cities, or where they have been working post the lockdown. There has also been a dramatic increase in unemployment and reduction in income, particularly for those working for low wage and unorganised sector; this meant that a significant number of people who were already vulnerable find themselves in even more precarious circumstances. Starting from the garment industry, agriculture, and farming, to manufacturing and domestic work, millions of people who were living in subsistence conditions have lost their wages and jobs.

According to the report, as on May 2020 which was published by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Private Limited (CMIE) had stated that around 120 million individuals are left jobless with the result of COVID – 19 pandemic, this included the migrant workers, entrepreneurs, and the salaried class. News is also prevailing that big companies may lay off a large number of employees worldwide.

The following are the affected sector and the major reason as to why the pandemic will increase the number of unemployed people throughout the country:-


The Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime Report had stated that the pandemic has caused a decrease in criminal activities and incidents. But the researcher here disagrees with the very fact that COVID – 19 has reduced the crime.Below are reasons for the same:

The issue here is whether there is any kind of relation between unemployment and increased domestic violence cases. To answer this question the researcher had relied on a study by Daniel Schneider at UC Berkeley, which shows that unemployment among men led to increased abusive behaviour during the Great Recession of the 2000.. The study also stated that as men felt increasingly anxious and out of control over their jobs and financial securities, they became more likely to increase control over their romantic partners, and sometimes to the point of abuse also.  Hence,it is pertinent to note that unemployment has a major contribution in the cause of domestic violence. This is a serious problem which is needed to be addressed and the women in many of the states are victim to the abuse and it is the responsibility of the state to protect the women.

During the COVID – 19 outbreak most of the people have spent their time on social networking sites, in addition to watching movies and subscribing to web channels and  indulging in online games by installing applications all these activities are supported by the internet. By signing any application they are supposed to provide personal information, which would include financial data in case of purchasing any app. Additionally, with the principal of stay at home, many people have done online transactions to pay various bills. All these activities have open doors for cyber attacks.


COVID – 19 outbreak is the time when the government must take up initiative by providing migrant workers with employment opportunities and welfare schemes, rather than coming up with Ordinance which restricts the right of the labourers. Just like how after every storm comes the vultures who slowly ruins the area, similarly, after the this pandemic the increase in unemployment and crime would not only affect the GDP of the country, but also would led to recession and poor mental health of the individual`s who are left unemployed and those who are the victims of crime.


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